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The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in this manual come si prende multi slim the products it describes at any time, without notice or obligation.

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Revised editions are found on the manufacturer s website. Safety information N O T I C E The manufacturer is not responsible for any damages due to misapplication or misuse of this product including, without limitation, direct, incidental and consequential damages, and disclaims such damages to the full extent permitted under applicable law. The user is solely responsible to identify critical application risks and install appropriate mechanisms to protect processes during a possible equipment malfunction.

Please read this entire manual before unpacking, setting up or operating this equipment. Pay attention to all danger and caution statements.

come si prende multi slim

Failure to do so could result in serious injury to the operator or damage to the equipment. Make sure that the protection provided by this equipment is not impaired.

Per due motivi: prima di tutto, la violazione di una norma giuridica o di un contratto da parte di una grande istituzione coinvolge un numero di persone troppo elevato per rimanere riservata; in secondo luogo. Piano piano, con il minicomputer prima, ma soprattutto con il microcomputer, la situazione è andata cambiando fino a ribaltarsi completamente.

Do not use or install this equipment in any manner other than that specified in this manual. W A R N I N G Indicates a potentially or imminently hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death fogyás tábor Ausztria serious injury. Information that requires special come si prende multi slim.

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Precautionary labels Read all labels and tags attached to the product. Personal injury or damage to the product could occur if not observed.

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This symbol, when noted on the product, indicates that the marked item can be hot and should not be touched without care. This symbol, when noted on the product, indicates the presence of devices sensitive to electrostatic discharge and indicates that care must be taken to prevent damage to them. This symbol, when noted on the product, identifies the location of the connection for protective earth ground. Electrical equipment marked with this symbol may not be disposed of in European public disposal systems.

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In conformity with European local and national regulations, European electrical equipment users must now return old or end-of-life equipment to the manufacturer for disposal at no charge to the user. Note: For return for recycling, please contact the equipment producer or supplier for instructions on how to return end-of-life equipment, producer-supplied electrical accessories, and all auxillary items for proper disposal.

Products marked with this symbol indicates that the product contains toxic or hazardous substances or elements. The come si prende multi slim inside the symbol indicates the environmental protection use period in years.

This is held in place with a fogyás kalamazoo collar for the CS00 sensor, or a stainless steel collar for the CT00 sensor. A plastic screw-on base is also provided to protect the connection socket, and come si prende multi slim also provides a suitable stand for the sensor during maintenance procedures, and when not in use.

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Protection caps One protection cap with grille will be delivered as standard with each sensor. Sensor recharge kit Come si prende multi slim recharge kit should have been ordered with the sensor as this will be required to initially make the sensor operational.

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It is also required for sensor cleaning and membrane replacement procedures. Note: The recharge kit for ozone has a green sticker on the front of the box. Sensor recharge kit The kit contains: four recharge cartridges with pre-mounted membrane and electrolyte.

The type of membrane mounted in the cartridge will be specific to the kit fogyni Northampton anode cleaning tools a set of replacement O-rings a set of replacement Dacron mesh patches The black anode cleaning tool is used to clean the anode of any deposits or residue that may have formed.

It is doubled-ended so it can be used for two membrane replacement processes, each end being come si prende multi slim once.

The Dacron mesh patches provide protection to the membrane. Installation Sensor preparation Your sensor has been thoroughly cleaned and tested at the factory before shipment. It has been shipped with a cartridge containing a membrane and electrolyte pre-installed to protect the sensor head.

This cartridge must be removed and replaced with a new one prior to first use to make it fully operational.

ORBISPHERE Model C1100 Ozone Sensor

The new cartridge is included in the sensor recharge kit. You will also need one of the mesh patches included with the kit.

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The following instructions detail the steps required to make the sensor operational. Should you have any questions, your Hach Lange representative will be pleased to help. Obey laboratory safety procedures and wear all of the personal protective equipment appropriate to come si prende multi slim chemicals that are handled.

Refer to the current material safety data sheets MSDS for safety protocols.

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Note: It is advisable to perform this procedure with the plastic sensor base installed so as to avoid any damage to the connection socket and also to provide a suitable stand for the sensor when required Hold the main body of the sensor and unscrew the protection cap locking fogyás asheville mall by turning counter-clockwise. Remove it from the sensor and put to one side.

Remove the Dacron mesh from inside the cap and discard it.

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Hold the sensor with the membrane facing down to avoid spilling any electrolyte, then carefully unscrew the shipment cartridge. Drain the old come si prende multi slim into a sink and flush away. Discard the shipment cartridge and membrane.

If present, remove the cotton washer from the top of the anode and discard.

ORBISPHERE Model C1100 Ozone Sensor

Rinse the sensor head under a tap for 15 seconds, aiming the jet of water directly onto the sensor head. Do not dry the center electrode area, as the gap between cathode and guard should be left filled come si prende multi slim water English 6.

Place the recharge cartridge container on a flat work surface and, keeping the container upright to avoid spilling any of the come si prende multi slim inside, carefully unscrew the top.

Remove come si prende multi slim packing component from the center of the cartridge, making sure that the O-ring on top of the cartridge remains in place.

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If it comes away then replace it before continuing. If there are any visible bubbles in the electrolyte, remove them using a stirring motion with the packing component. Hold the container steady between thumb and forefinger of one hand.

Lower the sensor into the container until the top of the anode is covered with electrolyte.

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Gently screw the sensor clockwise into the replacement cartridge, applying minimum pressure to avoid any damage to the screw threads. Continue turning until the cartridge is attached to the sensor, and the sensor is automatically released from the container.

The empty container, the screw top and packing component can be discarded.

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Note: It is normal that some of the electrolyte will overflow from the replacement cartridge and into the plastic container Rinse the sensor under a tap for about 5 seconds to remove any excess electrolyte, Shannon Sharpe fogyás gently wipe with a soft tissue to ensure all parts are completely dry.

Drain the overflow electrolyte from the container into a sink and flush away.